About Us

Meet our (still growing!) team of fashionistas, here to help Fashion Aid grow to the cultural landmark it was always meant to be!

(It’s just Mandy at the moment.)


Mandy is a strong, successful businesswoman who has spent the last decade of her life in the most gruelling fashion school that the world has yet devised – high school!

Now free from the shackles of academia, Mandy has devoted herself full-time to the betterment of people’s fashion around the world (until university starts at the start of the year, then she’ll only be a part-time fashion guru).

From an early age, Mandy knew that her life would revolve around the constant push and pull of fashion, tugging on the human heart like so many violin strings. It started when, as a small child, she wore her mother’s feather boa and high-heels and confidently stomped around the house. It only took a few minutes for her to see stars! (The staircase was very close to her mother’s room.)

But, after they got back from the hospital, she knew that high-end fashion was her destiny. Throughout high school, this feeling grew and grew as she watched the students around her make unforgivable fashion faux pas – and nobody cared! Well, she cared. And she vowed (constantly) that she was going to do something about it!

Now she’s the CFO of an (almost) successful company, helping (potentially) billions of people to achieve their fashion dreams, find their true style and stop embarrassing themselves every time they walk through a crowded schoolyard.