Utes For Businesses

As a small business owner, people often think I spend most of my time working at my store. They could not be more wrong! I actually spend most of my time on the road transporting goods to customers. I could use an independent delivery service but I honestly prefer keeping it in-house. It helps to save costs, and I’ve built such a great rapport with all the customers. I am, of course, aware that as the business grows I will no longer be able to deliver this level of personal service.

I have a ute that I use to transport the goods to each customer. As my business has scaled up, I realised that I needed to buy a ute half canopy. Up until now I’ve always only used my ute tray to carry out my deliveries, and during the poor weather I’d simply throw a tarp over the goods. Now that I’m completing multiple deliveries in a day, multiple times a week, I’m really starting to see the need for something more secure. 

After completing some research, I discovered that the most recommended ute canopies near Melbourne were made of high-quality aluminium. Aluminium promises increased durability for all the goods I am carrying. It also helps to protect these goods against any potential theft. Sometimes when I’m visiting customers, my ute could be unsupervised for a solid ten minutes. These ten minutes can be absolutely crucial, as all it takes is for someone to reach into my ute tray and steal my deliveries.

I’m expecting the canopy to be installed in the coming weeks. It’s funny how since toying with the idea of ute canopies, I am really starting to notice how much I need one. As the business has grown, I am needing to do more back-and-forth trips to the store to load up the ute for deliveries. I am going to have so much more storage space and peace of mind with this canopy.