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    Smith Family Heating

    The Smith family had been experiencing issues with their gas heating for a while now. The system was outdated and needed repairs constantly. They had contacted several companies for help but none had provided a lasting solution. They were growing frustrated, especially as the winter season was approaching. One day, they came across an advertisement for a company that specialised in ducted gas heating close to Canberra. They decided to give it a try and contacted the company. The technician from the company visited the Smith family’s home to assess the situation. After a thorough inspection, he recommended that instead of repairing the gas heating system, they should consider installing…

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    Remembering Air Conditioning

    Does anybody else on this forum remember what it used to be like when you were a kid? On those really hot days in the middle of an Australian summer? My mum was notorious in our house for just blasting that air conditioning as soon as the weatherman on the telly mentioned a number higher than twenty-five. My dad hated it! He would get home from work at 5:17 (on the dot, every day) and immediately storm over to the thermostat and turn down the air conditioning. Canberra probably heard him yelling! Those were the days… Now things are so much different since we basically only have summer now. It…