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    Fast Forward, born Elaine Marker, kicked off the next meeting. “You know friends, I was always running,” she began, leaning on her crutches. Her once lightning-fast legs were slower now, but her spirit had not diminished one bit. “Not just from criminals or disasters. I was running from myself too.” She paused, her gaze possibly finding Invisible Iva. “But after the illness, I had to stop. I thought my world ended. But it was just changing tracks.” A community nurse from an NDIS service based in Adelaide had been invited to join us that day. She was quiet and attentive, absorbing every story shared, every emotion poured out in this…

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    Disability Service Grumbling

                            I coughed lightly, and was immediately surrounded by a duo of nurses, anxiously checking my stats and calling out obscure numbers to one another.          ‘Oh, I’m fine, you idiots,’ I grumbled. ‘It was just a cough! I used to be allowed to cough!’          ‘You also used to be able to breathe properly,’ one of them gently chided me. She said it with the slightest of grins, cruelly keeping me from being upset with her.          ‘Bah,’ I waved her away. ‘Who needs breathing, anyway.’          ‘You do!’ laughed the second nurse, fussing away at my right…