Bathroom renovations

Emma’s New Home

Emma had just purchased her first home, a charming old Victorian terrace house on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD. The house certainly had plenty of character, and it was on quite a famous street that had been featured in several magazines showcasing Melbourne property. However, it was clear the house was in desperate need of some updates. One area of particular concern to Emma was the bathroom. The tiles were chipped, the fixtures were outdated, and the space was cramped and poorly lit.

Emma didn’t have as much money as she had hoped, since most of her savings had gone to purchase the home, so she was concerned about the bathroom refurbishment cost. She researched different options and eventually found a local company that specialised in bathroom renovations in Melbourne. She set up a consultation and met with the company’s design team to discuss her vision for the space and whether it could be done on her budget. Emma had a few specific requests, including a larger shower, more storage space and better lighting. She also wanted to incorporate a laundry area into the bathroom, as she didn’t have a separate laundry room in her house and since it was located so close to the CBD, there wasn’t enough room on the property to expand it and create one.

The design team took all of these requirements into account and came up with a way to transform the space without putting Emma into debt. The company’s website had claimed they offered the best bathroom refurbishment and laundry renovations Melbourne had, and Emma could see why. The company brought in a team of experts to tear up the old fixtures and tiles and replace everything quickly and efficiently. The new shower was much larger, with a modern glass exterior that made the space feel open and bright. They even went a step further and added a vanity with enough storage space for all of Emma’s makeup and beauty products, and installed new lighting fixtures that made it feel like she was getting ready in an expensive dressing room. The company had transformed Emma’s outdated and cramped space into a modern and functional oasis.