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I knew one day I would be destined to write on this blog, I just knew it. All of my friends have told me how much of a clumsy klutz I am, and that I’m going to need all sorts of shoulder and arm surgeries when I’m older and my bones can’t take their daily abuse any more.


Well, they were finally proved right, I suppose. I have to go in for a small procedure, my first operation since I was nine years old! Granted, it is just an elbow arthroscopy procedure (information is easy enough to find out online, if you want to see just how they’re done), but it feels like the beginning of a descent, you know? Like I’m standing on the top of a tall hill and I’m just about to lose my footing, slip and tumble down to the bottom.


Incidentally, that’s how I hurt my elbow.


Bah, I thought I was made of sterner stuff than all that! Luckily, I know a lot of people in the, uh… elder community, and they all steered me towards a shoulder surgeon in Melbourne who could help me out on short notice. She was a lovely woman too, all smiles and cracking jokes. That, at least, hasn’t been a terrible experience.


She very patiently explained exactly what I could expect from an elbow arthroscopy procedure, and how it was a simple keyhole operation to make sure that they didn’t take my arm out of commission any longer than it absolutely had to be. In fact, she said that I wouldn’t even have to stay overnight after my operation!


She’s also advised that I get my elbow moving as much as possible as quickly as possible, to try and regain some of the lost movement and strength that happens after every procedure. She even gave me a few exercises to try.


So, all in all, I wouldn’t recommend getting older if you can help it. Stay young, with strong elbows and shoulders. But, if you have to get older… at least find a fun shoulder surgeon.