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    Shoulder Surgery Success

                    I’m back, gentlemen! This blog has been dead silent without me – don’t think I haven’t been checking! Well, having my granddaughter check for me. Her mother is so technologically illiterate, she couldn’t be trusted not to delete this whole site off the internet! My doctor has given me the all-clear, says that I’m recovering beautifully from my rotator cuff repair surgery in Melbourne last month. A bit more physio (and a whole lot more chicken soup) and who knows, my dream of bowling for the Australian team is still alive! I’m glad this whole affair is behind me now, and I…

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    Fun Shoulder Surgeon

                          Bother!   I knew one day I would be destined to write on this blog, I just knew it. All of my friends have told me how much of a clumsy klutz I am, and that I’m going to need all sorts of shoulder and arm surgeries when I’m older and my bones can’t take their daily abuse any more.   Well, they were finally proved right, I suppose. I have to go in for a small procedure, my first operation since I was nine years old! Granted, it is just an elbow arthroscopy procedure (information is easy enough…