Shoulder Surgeon

Shoulder Surgery Success









I’m back, gentlemen! This blog has been dead silent without me – don’t think I haven’t been checking! Well, having my granddaughter check for me. Her mother is so technologically illiterate, she couldn’t be trusted not to delete this whole site off the internet!

My doctor has given me the all-clear, says that I’m recovering beautifully from my rotator cuff repair surgery in Melbourne last month. A bit more physio (and a whole lot more chicken soup) and who knows, my dream of bowling for the Australian team is still alive!

I’m glad this whole affair is behind me now, and I don’t have to keep thinking about the damned anatomy of my shoulder any more. Who needs to know, frankly, how their ball and socket joint works? I never did. And yes, Charlie, I did ask them about your idea of being able to move my arm the full three-sixty degrees – the doctors were not receptive.

And to answer your question, Earl, no it wasn’t a horrifying procedure where they removed my arm and Franky-Stoned a new limb back on. Actually, there’s barely even a mark – they did this new-fangled shoulder arthroscopy procedure that barely even put a hole in me. I say new-fangled… I guess I’ve just never heard of it before. Which makes sense actually, I’m only a doctor on the weekends.

Belinda and the kids have been fantastic, of course, looking after me constantly (even when I explicitly ask them not to). And the chicken soup! So much chicken soup!

So many chickens… so, so many chickens…

Where was I? Sorry, the drugs have made me a bit loopy, and you know my policy on editing previously typed words.

Basically: surgery went well. I had an amazing surgeon who looked after me utterly and completely, making sure I knew every step before we took it and – apparently – doing a great job on my shoulder!

The dream lives on! I won’t just bowl for the national team! I’m gonna be the captain.

Well… that feels like enough words for today.