Good Steel Day










Dear Diary,


Today was a good day.


I don’t know why the doc always gets me to start these annoying journal entries like that. She said something about positive manifestation, I suppose, but most of the time it just ticks me off. What if I wasn’t having a good day? Why should the first thing I write down be a total lie?


I guess today was pretty good though. Kind of.


Alright, fine, it was a lot of fun. I just got back from another shift at the wrecker’s and Tony was in a decent mood for a change. He told me I could take whatever I wanted from the valuables pile he has stacked up in his little shack – trinkets mostly, not much that’s actually valuable. Just things that Tony thinks are too pretty to be crushed.


I almost waved him off and went home without saying goodbye, like I always do, but I could hear the doc’s voice in my head telling me to reach outwards, not inwards.


Annoying, how she’s stuck in there like that.


I gave Tony a smile and half-heartedly rummaged through his pile. Most of it was junk, sure, but I did find some steel tubing – for construction in Melbourne, I’d wager. I asked him how much he wanted for it, and he waved me off. Told me I’d be doing him a favour to get rid of it.


So I shrugged and thanked him (eye contact and everything, God help me), then loaded it up in my truck and came home.


So yeah, I guess I had a pretty good day after all. Honest work, nobody was actively annoying, and I got some sweet steel out of it. It was nice work too, I realised once I got the grime off of it. I would love to meet the structural steel fabricators near Melbourne who were capable of making something like that.


And now I guess it’s time for bed – I’m writing this before midnight for a change, so it’s all fresh-like, the day of, slice of life type-thing.


Today was a good day.