House Specialist Grandparents

My parents passed away when I was young. Sadly, I can’t remember very much from that time and I hate to say that I can’t remember much of them. I was only three years old. There are only so many memories a three-year-old can make. I remember what they look like, and have vague memories of us together in our home but that’s about it. No doubt a lot of those memories are only with me because I have many photos to remember them by. I’ll never forget the day I found out that I’d never see my parents again. I had a sleepover at my grandparents house and I remember the next day waiting hours for my parents to come by. Hours passed and there was nothing. I remember nanna constantly checking out the window, and pop walking to the street every time he heard a car pass. Nothing. Nothing until the police showed up. I remember watching the conversation, then suddenly seeing my grandparents burst into tears. Following that moment, my grandparents’ house instantly became my forever home. 

My grandparents were impressive people. They were immigrants who would buy, build and sell property. They were constantly meeting with conveyancing lawyers for contract discussions about these properties. I never understood what was going on but now that I’m older, I’m impressed. They moved to this country, knowing barely any English but were still able to make something of themselves. Every day I am inspired by them. Not only was that impressive, but they were able to take me in all while grieving the loss of their family.

I saw some of my grandparents’ paperwork and saw that they only ever deal with the best conveyancing specialists. Elwood is an area where they bought most of their properties, and soon became the area where I spent the most time as a teenager. Now that I’m an adult, I walk around Elwood and see the homes they built and sold during my years. Some of these properties I’d even play on as a child. It’s crazy how time flies.