Tattoo Together

My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. We have a very serious and loving relationship. We’re both definitely in this for the long haul. To celebrate our second anniversary together, we have decided to both get tattoos. We are huge fans of anime and are thinking that it would be totally adorable if we get anime cartoon characters that look like us tattooed on each other. The characters will be totally unique to us and I’ll get the one that looks like my girlfriend tattooed on my wrist, and she’ll get one of me tattooed on her wrist. That way, we will always be in each other’s company even when we’re not together.

On Tuesday we met with a Japanese tattooist based near Brisbane. This city has lots of studios that claim they have artists that are experts in Japanese style, but very few of them are experts in achieving the anime ‘look’. Anime is a very specific style with a lot of fine nuances that can be easily missed. The tattoo artist that we met shares our love for anime, and we could tell straight away from their first sketch that they’d be the perfect artist for us. They also mentioned that they watch anime religiously, which explains why they were able to capture the fine details many other artists miss.

The designs that have been drawn up match our personalities perfectly. We’ve decided to select certain features to really highlight in the designs, for example; my glasses and my girlfriend’s red hair. I could not be happier with the design. We took time to search for the best tattoo shop in Brisbane, and I’m glad we did. My girlfriend was moved to tears of joy seeing the designs! I am excited to see her reaction when we get our tattoos. She’s also asked the artist if we could keep a copy of the designs to frame. The artist kindly obliged. We’re thinking of keeping the designs framed in our bedroom, but we’ll see. Personally, I just can’t wait to share with you all the final artworks!