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    Magical Tattoos One

                        In the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, there was a magical tattoo shop known to few, yet beloved by all who stumbled upon it. This tattoo shop was unique, not just due to the quality of work, but because of the tattooist who ran it. Her name was Olivia, and she was a master of her craft. She was easily one of the best tattoo artists I had ever seen. Her studio was an enchanting place, full of colourful inks and intricate designs you would never be able to find anywhere else. Amongst her clientele, Olivia was known as the best…

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    Tattoo Together

    My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. We have a very serious and loving relationship. We’re both definitely in this for the long haul. To celebrate our second anniversary together, we have decided to both get tattoos. We are huge fans of anime and are thinking that it would be totally adorable if we get anime cartoon characters that look like us tattooed on each other. The characters will be totally unique to us and I’ll get the one that looks like my girlfriend tattooed on my wrist, and she’ll get one of me tattooed on her wrist. That way, we will always be in each other’s…