Karen Needs Glasses

They say that a person’s personality is largely developed by the age of seven. If this is true then, it’s safe to say that my daughter is a bit of a Karen. My gosh, she is actually the biggest drama queen. At times it’s hilarious, but other times it’s just downright frustrating. Her biggest complaints usually revolve around food or comfort. She’ll complain if her food is too hot, too cold, too crunchy or too mushy. I’ve even heard her once complain that her food was too green! She was eating a bowl of green grapes – something she had asked me for!

Her complaints don’t stop there. If she has an itch on her arm, it’s the end of the world. If her socks are slightly too high or slightly too low, she’ll have a sook. Don’t even get me started on what happens when she has a blocked nose! Her most recent complaints are about her vision. She keeps saying that everything looks jumbled and blurry. At first, I put this down to her being her typical self, but then I noticed the complaints didn’t stop. I decided to book a paediatric optometrist to test her out. It turns out that for once in her life, her complaints were justified. She does in fact have poor eyesight and needs glasses. There’s a part of me that was relieved to hear this. If she was complaining about her eyes for no reason, I don’t know what I would’ve done. 

I am however extremely disappointed in how she behaved while we were at the eye doctor based in Bayside. Our area has many optometrists, but I did my research to find the best optometrist for children. They were so great with her and really seemed to know what they were doing. My daughter on the other hand? She was a total brat. She refused to listen to orders and simply did not want to cooperate. We eventually got to the end of the appointment. Luckily these optometrists were understanding and accepted my apology. I just can’t accept that my daughter is a ‘Karen’.