Bathtub Modifications

Neighbour’s Bathroom Help

It’s amazing how life evolves. When you’re young you’re constantly meeting new people who will come in and out of your life. As we age, the circle can get smaller. I’m now in my eighties, and sadly that circle for me is non-existent. My husband was that circle in my life, but sadly he passed away years ago. Unfortunately, we were never able to have children so I am also missing that portion of my life. I’m quite lucky to have the neighbour that I do. She’s this lovely woman in her forties that used to spend most of her days caring for her parents. I remember seeing her parents from afar, but I don’t recall ever meeting them. When I heard the news of their passing, I invited her over for some tea. Over the years, she’s been an absolute angel and light in my life. For example, she recently helped me pay for my bathtub remodel cost.

I didn’t want her to know, but I had been having quite a few falls in my bathtub. One day when she was over for tea we got chatting but I noticed she kept looking at the side of my head. I had tried ever so hard to cover the purple egg-shaped lump that resulted from my impact with the shower floor, but she saw right through it. I saw tears well up in her eyes, so I tried my best to assure her I was okay. From that day, she became so concerned about the safety within my bathroom and was adamant that she was going to help me make some changes. The first thing she did was start looking into recommended bathtub conversion options. Sydney is a very advanced place so I’m sure there are some great options out there. It really does surprise me how innovative the world is getting. There are all these new technologies coming to fruition and it honestly leaves me both dumbfounded and amazed. I’m too old to navigate a lot of these things. I can’t even get my head around a smartphone.