Bathroom renovations

Shower Repair Needed

We’ve spent the last twenty five years in our home and nothing has really gone wrong. The only issue we’ve really had is with our shower. The shower base is cracked and water keeps seeping through. We’ve tried sealing the crack over and over again but unfortunately the seal will only last for about three or so months until it starts leaking water again. My husband and I started weighing up our costs and recognised that leaving the crack could result in us having to spend more money in the future. It took me a few minutes of searching online to find out that if a shower base crack goes unrepaired, it increases the risk of the ground beneath it falling through.

We hired a guy to repair our shower, but let’s just say we had to let him go from the job. He was turning up late, dawdling on the job, and then made our shower base even worse. We had no choice but to let him go and instead find an expert in leaking shower repair. After some searching, we were thrilled to find a company that was absolute class. Right from the get-go, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with them. They were kind, thorough and enthusiastic about getting the job done. Now our shower base is as good as new. 

It’s been six months since our shower base was repaired and we’re not seeing any signs of leakage let alone a single crack. We couldn’t be more over the moon that we’ve finally found a solution to our shower problem. This whole experience has opened up chats between my husband and me about renovating our whole bathroom. Since we have now worked with the best bathroom design specialists Melbourne can offer, it would be a waste not to take up this opportunity! I have since been researching various bathroom designs and styles to get inspiration. You should’ve seen my mum’s face when I told her our plans to renovate. She’s been over every day sharing her two cents.