• Optometrist

    My Dwindling Eyes

    I know it’s not uncommon for elderly people to start experiencing problems with their eyes as they age. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Two years ago I was diagnosed with cataracts in my eyes. Cataracts are essentially a cloud that develops over the eye’s lens. This cloud causes problems such as blurred vision. There are a few ways to deal with cataracts, but my optometrist said before we opt for any surgical procedures, we would simply monitor how the cataracts were developing. I’ve been having regular eye tests every year since the diagnosis of my cataracts. I have also started becoming heavily reliant on my glasses. This…

  • Optometrist

    Karen Needs Glasses

    They say that a person’s personality is largely developed by the age of seven. If this is true then, it’s safe to say that my daughter is a bit of a Karen. My gosh, she is actually the biggest drama queen. At times it’s hilarious, but other times it’s just downright frustrating. Her biggest complaints usually revolve around food or comfort. She’ll complain if her food is too hot, too cold, too crunchy or too mushy. I’ve even heard her once complain that her food was too green! She was eating a bowl of green grapes – something she had asked me for! Her complaints don’t stop there. If she…