Never believe it















I’ve been a tradie for the last ten years. Thanks to my great work, excellent customer service, and high attention to detail, I have built a reputation that is unparalleled within the industry. In the last ten years, I have fast become the go-to tradie in my area. Unfortunately, this notoriety does come at a cost. There are a few tradies who have decided to team up against me and try to steal work from me. Luckily, my clients are incredibly loyal and have informed me whenever one of these other tradies have reached out to them. How rude is that? I’d never reach out to clients who belong to another local tradie. Nor would I reach out to undercut that other tradie’s prices. I just think that is so wrong.

Unfortunately, the intrusive behaviour of the other local tradies hasn’t stopped at trying to nab my clients. I believe they’ve now nabbed my ute. My ute was parked outside my home during the night and I woke up in the morning to see that my ute was nowhere to be found. That ute only just had a half canopy installation not even a month ago. If I don’t find this ute, it will be like throwing money straight down the drain. I’ve already made a call to the police and shared some photos of my ute on social media. Hopefully the next few days deliver something because apparently if an item is missing for three days, you probably won’t ever get it back. I’ve already started looking for the best quality ute trays Melbourne has to offer. My wife seems to believe that the insurance company might be able to help me out with the costs since my last ute and its canopies were stolen.

This has been such an opening reminder for why it’s important to save money. My job is a job that requires various tools and materials. Without a ute, I have no means of carrying those tools and materials to the job.