Reluctant Podiatrist Appointment










I recently bought new shoes online and I have to say – amazing idea! No regrets! They fit my feet perfectly, with barely any pinching at all. Well, when I say barely, I obviously mean a lot. But for an online purchase, I think I did pretty well!

My husband has been really negative on my journey, but he’s always struggled to see my visions as reality, like I do on a daily basis. I try to tell him it’s about manifestation, but he just keeps going on and on about the amount of blood spilling out of my shoes.

It’s honestly so boring

Besides, if my feet are ever really in trouble I’ll just get some of those cute custom orthotics to help with foot pain. Except… they wouldn’t fit in my new shoes would they? No, of course not – they add a layer of protective cushion, designed specifically to meet the needs of my feet. Which means… which means…

Oh God – runners!

Nope, I can’t do it. I refuse to do it. I’m not spending one second in anything as ugly as a running shoe, I don’t care how much “emergency medical attention” it means I need. I’m putting my foot down!

(Gently, of course, they’re obviously quite tender at the moment.)

Now my annoying husband is telling me that there might be more options for foot pain and that I should make an appointment with the podiatrist in Cheltenham, near me, for an expert opinion. I suppose he’s right – annoying, but right.

Fine, I’ll call them in the morning and see if they have any openings available. It’ll have to be in the late afternoon, obviously, or I won’t have time to get a pedicure before I see the foot specialist. I may be in crippling pain, bleeding from both my feet independently and unsure if I’ll ever walk properly again – but I’m not a savage.

Now he just told me off for tracking blood all over our vintage white rug that his grandma left us in her will – honestly, there’s just no winning with him sometimes!