Unearthly Estate Escapade

In a twist that not even the most ardent conspiracy theorist could concoct, the mystery of Marcus Van Allen’s disappearance has been solved, and the revelation is more terrestrial than anyone had imagined. It appears that the home builders and the local residential property developers were merely pawns in a plot more suited to a daytime soap opera than a cosmic thriller.

The plot thickened when a local, known only as “Mysterious Madge,” accidentally stumbled upon a clandestine meeting at the local café, The Saucer. There, huddled in the corner, was none other than Marcus Van Allen, alive and sporting a disguise that would make even the most novice detective suspicious. With him were the new home builders near the Mornington Peninsula and property development experts, all engaged in what appeared to be an intense game of Duopoly: Space Edition.

As it turns out, Van Allen, disillusioned with the material world and desperate to escape the pressures of billionaire life, decided to stage his own abduction. “It was all a bit of fun, really,” he confessed after being discovered. “I thought, who wouldn’t believe a man with a penchant for luxury homes and bespoke living spaces was taken by aesthetically-minded aliens?”

The plan was simple: create an air of mystery, vanish without a trace, and retreat to a secret underground bunker designed by the local residential property development experts. The bunker, equipped with every imaginable comfort, was Van Allen’s sanctuary, a place where he could indulge in his true passion: intergalactic board games.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the community, with reactions ranging from amusement to indignation. Ziggy Starlooper, the self-appointed alien liaison, was reportedly inconsolable, his dreams of cosmic camaraderie dashed by the mundane truth. “I traded my best colander for this?” he was heard lamenting.

As for the builders, they’ve seen a surge in requests for secret bunker blueprints and space-themed game rooms. It seems the Van Allen escapade has not only entertained but inspired a new trend in luxury living.

In the end, the story of Marcus Van Allen is a testament to the human spirit’s longing for escapism and the lengths one will go to find a little peace and quiet. And who knows? Maybe the next time you hear a tale of alien abduction, it might just be a billionaire in need of a break from their extravagant, earthbound estate.