Buyer's Advocate

Accidental Buyer Tip

I never had any luck with the real estate market in Melbourne. I tried for years and years, but just couldn’t land any of the properties I truly fell in love with. Sometimes I was offering too little, sometimes the real estate agent didn’t like me – sometimes it’s hard to turn down a family of four who are buying their first home, especially when the competition is an old, fat, balding man with no dependants or, really, enough furniture to fill that many rooms.

         That’s me, by the way. I’m the old, fat, balding man. Although my diet has been helping a little bit…

         No. Not what we’re here to talk about. No, I came here today to tell you about the secret weapon that I never knew existed, the silver bullet for buying a home in Melbourne – buyer’s advocate! It’s so simple! You just track down the best buyer’s advocate in your area, fill out all of their paperwork, tell them what kind of property you’d like and bang! it’s as good as done!

         They don’t just get their foot in the door for you to buy the house either, they actually help you with the entire process. They can oversee the handover, all of the contracts, make sure that every i is crossed and every t is dotted. If you want to avoid the struggle of making a huge mistake at the very end of your home-buying journey, then a buyer’s agent near Hampton is absolutely the way to go.

         But what if I don’t live in Hampton? I hear you asking. That was strange, to reference that suburb like that!

         But here’s the secret – they’re everywhere! Buyer’s agents are all across Melbourne, Australia, the whole world! You just have to take the time to do a little bit of research, make sure that all of your ducks are in a row…

         This has been my tip, to you. I hope that it helps. Maybe just wait until I’ve found a place first. Wouldn’t it be funny if I accidentally helped you beat me to buy a house… that I…

         Oh, god!