• Gardening

    Buying Roses Sneakily

    Selma’s foot tapped anxiously on the driveway gravel, and it was all I could do not to whack her on the back of the head with my handbag.          ‘Why do you look like you want to hit me?’ she asked with a frown.          ‘Because I’m trying very hard not to hit you!’ I hissed back at her. ‘Relax! You’re driving me insane!’          ‘I’m nervous!’ she protested. ‘I’ve never done this kind of… deal before.’          ‘Oh for god’s—we’re not doing anything wrong.’          ‘Aren’t we?’ she whispered, flicking her eyes around. ‘Then why are we in the middle of nowhere?’          ‘It’s Australia,’ I rolled my eyes.…

  • Gardening

    Forest Roses

    I sprinted down the garden path, my brother hot on my heels, as our mother leant over the porch to yell at us.          ‘Where are you going?!’ she screeched. ‘Tabitha and Archibald, you come right back here this instant!’          We giggled and ran even faster, dodging and ducking around trees as the woods became thicker and our mother’s voice became fainter. Eventually, after we’d been running for what seemed like hours, Archie began to slow down in front of me. I could have kept running for much further, but I slowed down with him. He bent forward and put his hands on his knees, gulping down air.         …