• Hardware

    Install TV mount

                            I had just purchased a brand new TV, and I was excited to set it up in my living room. I quickly realised that the TV stand that came with it was taking up too much space. I wanted to make the most of my small living room, so I decided to mount the TV on the wall. I had never mounted a TV before, but I was determined to do it myself. I searched online for tips and tutorials and made a list of the tools and supplies I would need. I needed some electrical supplies, so…

  • Hardware

    Plumbing Waterpark

    Thirty-three days through our 104-day summer vacation. Today, Fern and I will be building the world’s largest water park. How are we going to manage this? Well, we’ve already built the world’s best wooden fortress this summer, so it really doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. Not to mention that time we built a spaceship and met the aliens on Pluto (they were very upset to learn that their world is no longer considered a planet). Anyway, I figure a quick trip down to order plumbing supplies from a Cheltenham hardware store should have us sorted with everything we could possibly need. What’s that, you don’t think it’s…

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    Unpacking His Timber

    I grunted at the effort of picking up and moving one of my father’s many cardboard boxes. It was much heavier than I’d expected, just glancing at it, and my back twinged in complaint.          He’d left a hell of a mess when he’d kicked the bucket, my father. His house was neat and orderly, presumably my mother’s influence on him. She’d always run a tight ship in her home, as the mental scars of my childhood could attest to.          His shed, however, was a totally different story.          The detritus of a million different woodworking projects littered the floor and bench spaces – even the ceiling had turned…