Plumbing Waterpark

Thirty-three days through our 104-day summer vacation. Today, Fern and I will be building the world’s largest water park. How are we going to manage this? Well, we’ve already built the world’s best wooden fortress this summer, so it really doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. Not to mention that time we built a spaceship and met the aliens on Pluto (they were very upset to learn that their world is no longer considered a planet). Anyway, I figure a quick trip down to order plumbing supplies from a Cheltenham hardware store should have us sorted with everything we could possibly need. What’s that, you don’t think it’s responsible to build a waterpark out of plumbing supplies? Oh, well, to that I simply say, “Where’s Peregrine?”

Whether it would pass safety inspections isn’t the question, because the whole waterpark will get taken down before the end of the day, anyway. It’s a real scorcher today, so we figure we’ll give all the kids in the neighbourhood a fun day splashing around on the watersides while we have the chance. Who’s going to say no to waterslides and pools on a 42-degree day?

While the Cheltenham hardware store is my go-to place for screws, electronic parts and building supplies, I always have a backup in case they don’t have what we need. This is going to be a big job, so I called a hardware store in the Sandringham area just in case. They offered to even give us free delivery, I guess because they know how often we are buying hardware for massive projects, but I really am more comfortable with the usual place. Besides, money is no object to us.

I’ve been pretty coy about how we are funding these crazy ideas of ours, but I think it’s time the truth came out. See, Fern and I knew we’d need money to make this stuff happen, so on the first day of summer vacation, we made a money-printing machine. Fortunately, you can’t be trialled as an adult in Australia, so even if we get caught, there’s nothing they can do. We’re only 10, after all!