Bathroom renovations

Renovation in Ruin

It was worse than Princess Plum had even imagined. Trowser had left such a trail of destruction that, as the Fellowship passed through each town, she wondered if there was any hope of this place recovering. She’d been hoping it wouldn’t be that bad, that a simple renovation of each home would restore this kingdom to its former glory, but it was becoming clear that this would require a complete rebuild. Simply put, the Renovation Kingdom was in ruins. 

She remembered the day that the bathroom designers from Melbourne had come to the magical lands near the Fungus Kingdom. Her father, King Plum, had welcomed them with open arms. He was a visionary, her father – he knew that by welcoming these Melbourne renovation experts that he would open the door to enhancing his own kingdom. And enhance his kingdom they did. The renovators proved to be a powerful ally. Oftentimes as a child, Princess Plum would watch as the men and women brought their tools into the Fungus Kingdom and enhanced the houses there, using all the knowledge they had learned by completing kitchen and bathroom renovations for Melbourne homes

When King Plum died, Princess Plum made a promise to herself that she would maintain good relations with the Renovation Kingdom. She’d kept that promise as best she could, but now there was no Renovation Kingdom to have relations with at all. Where had the renovation experts gone? Had they fled to the nearby Conveyancing Kingdom? She hoped that was the case. She couldn’t stomach considering the alternative. 

Princess Plum hoped they could pass through the ruined Renovation Kingdom quickly. Being here caused a great sadness within her. And yet at the same time, she had to admit that the unfathomable destruction was somewhat… beautiful. Rivers of lava flowed where great renovated cities had once stood. Craters caused by Trowser’s wrath lay scattered across the land like scars. She wondered whether Trowser intended to create such a horrifically scenic landscape. Was he an artist at heart, or was it mere coincidence that his destruction created such beauty? Taking it all in, she sighed and continued on.