Plumbing From Home

These last few years have made work for my buddy somewhat difficult. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why, but he hasn’t been able to do his usual callouts to people’s homes since early 2020. Since he’s a plumber, I’m sure you can see why that might make things tough. At first, he tried to do plumbing from home, using drones and robots, but that seemed to scare people. The reviews did not look great after that. To give you a couple of examples:

“I ordered regular old drain plumbing from someone who was supposedly the best Melbourne plumber for blocked drains. Of course, I expected a normal guy who maybe let his pants hang a little too low to show up. Instead, I found a terrifying robot on my doorstep! I know there are current events going on, but as an essential service, surely the plumber could have come here himself.”

“I opened the door to find a creature of pure terror standing before me. The red glow of its eyes was enough to make my skin crawl and my mind beg to be released from this nightmare. If you want this experience, get all your drain camera inspections close to Melbourne done by this guy!”

As you can imagine, my buddy was feeling pretty down after that. He decided that he wasn’t going to use robots anymore, but he couldn’t do in-person services either, since he was greatly at risk due to current events. He got the blues for a while, so I figured an adventure might be good for him. Stretch the legs, save the day – that sort of thing. I made a few calls and booked him a first-class pipe ticket to my homeland: the Fungus Kingdom. There’s always something crazy going on there, usually involving Princess Plum, our beloved ruler. I figured that if Marion was around during our next crisis, he might be inspired to spring to action, taking his mind off his plumbing woes.

– Red Mushroom Man