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    Plumber Power Ups

    I hadn’t been a huge fan of Red Mushroom Man’s plan to get his friend Marion the plumber to help with our Trowser problem, but when Princess Plum walked into the armoury accompanied by Green Mushroom Man, I knew something had gone terribly wrong. “Blue, get me a bag filled with power-ups, pronto,” said the princess. “I’m going on an adventure.” My jaw dropped open. Never in our history, hundreds of years old, had the ruler of the kingdom taken a crisis into their own hands. To be honest, I kind of liked the idea. It was about time our rulers stopped getting themselves kidnapped and toughened up. Did we…

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    Plumbing From Home

    These last few years have made work for my buddy somewhat difficult. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why, but he hasn’t been able to do his usual callouts to people’s homes since early 2020. Since he’s a plumber, I’m sure you can see why that might make things tough. At first, he tried to do plumbing from home, using drones and robots, but that seemed to scare people. The reviews did not look great after that. To give you a couple of examples: “I ordered regular old drain plumbing from someone who was supposedly the best Melbourne plumber for blocked drains. Of course, I expected a normal…