Luxury Building Whinge

What’s that famous saying again? You only get out of life what you put into it?

         Well, that’s a load of absolute nonsense. Do you know what I put into life? Everything! Every weekday and most weekends for nearly fifty years! My blood, sweat and tears, left it all on the table behind me! And for what?

         Sure, I live in one of the nicest apartments on my stretch of coastline – but it’s a western coastline! Who wants to live on the western coast?!

         My neighbour drove past in his brand new Mer-sayadeez (Japanese brand, I think, funny name) the other day, and had the impunity to nod at me. At me! Like I was just some meaningless peasant out for a stroll on some public road, and not a proprietor with twice his net worth (and a more attractive wife).

         Doesn’t he know that my annual home maintenance cost is probably higher than his entire mortgage? Doesn’t he know that my pool has active heating and cooling, and I often leave both systems on at the same time for the perfect temperature? Doesn’t he know that I’m staggeringly out of touch and send dark money to politicians whose names, parties and opinions I don’t even know? I just do it because I’m bored of seeing the number in my account going up, day on day on day.

         It’s ridiculous. He’s ridiculous.

         And now they’re talking about dividing up my beautiful coastline, selling some of their acreage on the fringes to one of the many reliable building companies on the Mornington Peninsula to turn into luxury homes! How absurd! How are we supposed to manage? Our view will be ruined by excellently-designed coastal homes!

         I’ve lodged a complaint with my council, of course, but I have a funny feeling that I haven’t been donating to my councilman in all of my dark spendings – or maybe I’ve been donating to his opponent?

         Based on the look he gave me, I’d say the latter is more likely.

         What’s an out-of-touch millionaire to do?