Transmission Breakdown

I revved my engine, letting out a holler that was quickly echoed by the men around me.

         ‘Hell yeah, Scooter!’ Skeeter yelled.

         ‘Radical!’ Skater contributed.

         Skylar just gave an approving nod next to my window.

         ‘I kitted her out,’ I chuckled, tapping my foot against the pedal. ‘Whole new engine mount, fuel injectors knuckled to the max – and check this out!’

         I kicked down the clutch and threw her out of first and into second, dropping the handbrake in a smooth, practised motion, the engine revving and raring to—

         It cut out with a choked groan. An empty silence settled over the parking lot. Skeeter adjusted his baseball cap nervously.

         ‘Was, uh… was that what was supposed to happen there, Scoot?’

         ‘Obviously not!’ I snapped, twisting the key in the ignition. ‘What the hell?’

         ‘When was your last transmission service?’ Skylar asked, leaning in through my window.

         ‘My last… wait, what?’

         ‘Your last service,’ she repeated, tapping the sticker above my head. ‘Don’t tell me it’s actually been three whole—’

         ‘Of course not,’ I interrupted her, glancing nervously around at the others as they moved closer to the car. ‘I get it done all the time.’

         ‘You know, if you need a mechanic near Morayfield for a car service, I know a guy who knows a—’

         ‘Skylar, relax!’ I laughed again. ‘I can organise my own mechanic!’

         ‘Alright, dude,’ she said, lifting her hands in surrender. ‘Take care of your car however you want.’           

         I twisted the key in the ignition again, still with no result.

         ‘So, uh… how expensive was that fuel injection mod?’ Skater chuckled from the back of the car. He lashed out a boot, giving the back wheel a friendly thump.

         ‘Oi!’ I yelled, hanging out the window to glare at him. ‘No kicking the car!’

         ‘When can we start stripping it for parts?’ Skeeter asked.

         ‘We’re not—alright, that’s it,’ I growled, ‘everyone go home.’

         ‘Do you need a lift?’ Skylar offered.

         I glared at her, as she raised a judgemental eyebrow.

         ‘Yes, please,’ I mumbled. ‘I would like that very much.’