• Mechanics

    Transmission Breakdown

    I revved my engine, letting out a holler that was quickly echoed by the men around me.          ‘Hell yeah, Scooter!’ Skeeter yelled.          ‘Radical!’ Skater contributed.          Skylar just gave an approving nod next to my window.          ‘I kitted her out,’ I chuckled, tapping my foot against the pedal. ‘Whole new engine mount, fuel injectors knuckled to the max – and check this out!’          I kicked down the clutch and threw her out of first and into second, dropping the handbrake in a smooth, practised motion, the engine revving and raring to—          It cut out with a choked groan. An empty silence settled over the parking…

  • Mechanics

    Birthday Roadworthy Quiz

                            I cracked an eye open and blinked wearily up at my bedroom ceiling. Was it real? Was I actually, finally awake?          On my birthday?!          I leapt out of bed, frightening the aged cat who slept just underneath my mattress. He almost bowled over my mother, sneakily pushing the door open and poking her head around the edge.          ‘Oh!’ she exclaimed, equal parts excited and disappointed. ‘You’re awake!’          ‘Of course I am!’ I cried out, sticking my arms in the air. ‘It’s my eighteenth birthday! I can drive a car today!’          I waved my…

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    Captains Mechanic Suggestion

                                I pressed a hand to my mouth as the choppy waters bounced the small ferry again, struggling not to vomit over the side. Somehow, I mercifully managed to keep it down, and I smiled at the small accomplishment.          Four times in one trip would have been embarrassing.          ‘Ho, there,’ chuckled the captain of the ferry, limping towards me with a pipe in his mouth. He’d left his captain’s hat in his cabin, but his big blue coat and turtleneck made him look exactly like a stereotypical seafarer, like he’d been plucked out of a…