Electric car thoughts











As I’m getting older, I am becoming a lot more aware of the impact I have on the environment. I am starting to rethink and question the way I currently do things. I’ve started to make an active effort to recycle, and to find new ways to minimise waste. My next goal is to really start thinking about how I use my car. Up until a month ago, I was driving one to two hours each day. I hate to think of how all this driving impacted the environment. To start minimising my greenhouse gas emissions, I decided to start finding ways to reduce how reliant I was on my car. For example, I bought myself a pushbike and have been using this to get to and from work.

I know that riding a bike to and from work is not feasible for everyone. I’m lucky that there is a direct bike track to where I work from where I live. Not everyone will have this luxury and I totally understand that. I suppose I can treat this as me helping the environment in place of those who cannot help out in certain areas. Next year I would like to sell my current car and purchase a hybrid vehicle. I was talking to a hybrid car mechanic the other day and they gave me a whole rundown on all the environmental benefits of driving a hybrid car. It’s safe to say that a hybrid car is a lot better for the environment than the car I’m currently driving. 

I did consider getting a hybrid vehicle a few years ago but they were too expensive. I guess that’s how it is with newer technology. They’re definitely a lot more affordable now. I’m also relieved to hear that there’s a recommended hybrid mechanic near Lockleys. It was definitely a huge concern that I’d end up purchasing a hybrid vehicle and have no mechanic who would be able to do any repairs if needed. Now that I know that this is not an issue, I simply cannot wait to get myself a hybrid car!