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    No Service Needed

    I can’t believe how well my car managed to hold up after a drive across the entire country. It was one of the most brutal road trips I’ve ever been on; we faced hail the size of golf balls, torrential rain that threatened to sweep us away in flash floods and rough mountain tracks. I was getting ready to book an appointment with a highly-rated car service based in Bentleigh East for the minute we got home, but our car managed to get through it all without even a scratch! Not bad for a little Mars 3! It probably would be a good idea to take the car to a…

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    Electric car thoughts

                        As I’m getting older, I am becoming a lot more aware of the impact I have on the environment. I am starting to rethink and question the way I currently do things. I’ve started to make an active effort to recycle, and to find new ways to minimise waste. My next goal is to really start thinking about how I use my car. Up until a month ago, I was driving one to two hours each day. I hate to think of how all this driving impacted the environment. To start minimising my greenhouse gas emissions, I decided to start…