Our Video Mistake

As a filmmaking hobbyist, I thought I had the skill to take on this whole project by myself, but boy was I wrong. The production I had created was at a larger scale than I thought. It was going to need more than a one-man band. It was going to need a whole orchestra. 

On the days of the shoot, things went quite smoothly. I think I can attribute this to the fact that I splashed out a whole heap of money on a bunch of experts who had the skills and know-how to get their part of the job done. I went through the footage and audio we captured and everything has turned out great. I’d say the quality is so good that it looks like it’s all been captured by the best corporate video production company. Melbourne has so many creatives, and it really helps make my life easier. If it wasn’t for all the creatives in this city there was no way I’d have been able to get this project off the ground.

Post-production sadly hasn’t been a breeze. I thought that I’d be able to edit all this footage myself in no time, given that I have all my hobbyist film experience. Turns out it was wrong for me to believe that. It took me hours to successfully match the sound up, sort out the varying colour issues resulting from the moving sun in the footage, and remove any background noise from the mix. The whole thing became too stressful and I knew I needed to bring in some expert post-production services to get the job done. As much as it damages my ego to admit it, I knew the work wasn’t going to ever get done to a good standard if I didn’t pass it on.

I received the first draft back the other day and it is already miles better than the work I would’ve done. I gave them some basic feedback on the edit and am now excited to see the second draft!