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    Videos for businesses

                            People may try to tell you that the best boss is when you’re your own boss. While this might be true to an extent, it does also have many downsides. Being your own boss means that you can never switch off. You’re always thinking of ways you can improve your business, attract more customers, and increase sales. My brain honestly never switches off! Even if I’m anywhere near a competitor, or I have seen their branding pop up online, it triggers a part in my brain to need to find a way to outdo them.  In the last…

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    Our Video Mistake

    As a filmmaking hobbyist, I thought I had the skill to take on this whole project by myself, but boy was I wrong. The production I had created was at a larger scale than I thought. It was going to need more than a one-man band. It was going to need a whole orchestra.  On the days of the shoot, things went quite smoothly. I think I can attribute this to the fact that I splashed out a whole heap of money on a bunch of experts who had the skills and know-how to get their part of the job done. I went through the footage and audio we captured…