• Windows

    Tinting in Space

    It’s been ten years since there was an attempt on Palantine’s life and he proceeded to make himself emperor of the galaxy. After all that drama, Emperor Palantine finally revealed details about the big space station project to me. I’ve been hard at work, tinting the windows of this moon-sized battle station ever since. Emperor Palantine insists that this thing is going to finally bring peace to the galaxy, which sounds great to me. Tinting windows in space isn’t exactly the easiest thing to accomplish, so it’s taking quite a while. I just hope that they aren’t planning to use this battle station in the next five years or so…

  • Windows

    Tinting Shattered

    Woah! That was one of the most insane things I have ever witnessed in my entire life! I was up tinting some windows for Chancellor Palantine’s office, since they had to be replaced after the evil robot General Grievance broke into the building and kidnapped the Chancellor (who was later rescued by the space wizards Obi-Too and Amikin Skystrider). There I was minding my own business, going through the motions of office tinting as usual. That’s when I saw the flash of lights – purple and red. I peeked through the window and couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw Master Window wielding his famous purple plasma sword, trying to…