Tinting in Space

It’s been ten years since there was an attempt on Palantine’s life and he proceeded to make himself emperor of the galaxy. After all that drama, Emperor Palantine finally revealed details about the big space station project to me. I’ve been hard at work, tinting the windows of this moon-sized battle station ever since. Emperor Palantine insists that this thing is going to finally bring peace to the galaxy, which sounds great to me.

Tinting windows in space isn’t exactly the easiest thing to accomplish, so it’s taking quite a while. I just hope that they aren’t planning to use this battle station in the next five years or so because I’m not sure I’ll be done by then. Sometimes the size of this task intimidates me a bit, and I wish I were back on Earth doing basic commercial window tinting, but at the end of the day I get paid extremely well, so I can’t really complain. And besides, I do get to see some interesting things inside the battle station while I tint the windows.

For example, I got to see the Emperor have a conversation with Dark Invader the other day. Dark Invader has changed quite a bit, given that he now wears a big suit and mask to help him breathe, and I can’t hear anything from the vacuum of space, so I generally have to read lips. Given Dark Invader’s mask, I can’t do that with him, so I only understood one side of the conversation. 

What I did understand, however, was very interesting. That’s right, this person who used to complete decorative glass window installation for Melbourne businesses got to see Emperor Palantine chew out Dark Invader for failing to defeat his former master, Obi-Too. Why is this such a big deal? Well, all of the space monks are supposed to be very unalive, so it was quite shocking to learn that Obi-Too survived the space wizard purge. I wonder what he is doing now. Clearly, he’s doing alright for himself if he managed to defeat the fearsome Dark Invader.